Shooting Ranges.

Precision shooting stand

For football events, the precision shooting stand will always be a classic. The goal of Foot Air with integrated targets allows you to take pleasure in challenger and demonstrate the accuracy of its strikes.

This playful workshop allows to evaluate the accuracy of the shooting of the participants.

Players can challenge themselves on an attractive and friendly stand. A classic for your events!

Power Shooting Stand

Compare your firing power with friends or colleagues with the Foot Air power shooting stand.

With an accuracy of +/-1km/h, participants can gauge their strike force and challenger their loved ones. A radar instantly captures the power of the shots and retransmits it live on a screen.

This football entertainment stand, accessible to all audiences, is a success on every event.

Our inflatables are customizable with removable advertising tarpaulins that cling with a Velcro attachment system. We assure the logistics, the assembly/dismantling of the structures as well as the animation on each of the stands.